Things that You Should Know about Aloe Vera Plant

Aloe vera plant was spread everywhere in this world, and i bet you know aloe vera look like at least you see the pictures in a books, magazines, newspapers, internet, or maybe even all of you there is a garden planted in the house as an ornamental plant.

Aloe Barbadensis Milleer is Aloe vera’s Latin name, which is a green plants with physically like an alligator tail, since thousands years ago has been used to nourish hair, heal wounds and as an ingredient for skin care and keep smooth skins. But besides that, there are many more benefits of the aloe vera, which can be used for other diseases remedies, either mild disease or severe disease.

Have you ever used Aloe Vera Plant?

Did you ever utilizing the benefits of the Aloe Vera? I’m sure there is one of you who don’t have used Aloe Vera either for treating disease or caring your skin. Or maybe you’ve been using Aloe Vera for the treatment of disease but your body still not yet healed from the disease. Our lack of knowledge about this plant is one factor that causes us not to make use of Aloe Vera for our health and family.

Why we don’t know that Aloe Vera plant has many benefits for various diseases treatments? The answer is because we prefer the ways of treatment with chemical drugs. In ways like this is simple, we just go to the doctor and the doctor doing the examination of the pain that we suffer so as to produce a diagnosis, then the doctor gave a prescription for a drug purchase, then we take chemical drugs and you were healed.

Dangers of utilizing chemical drugs as opposed of Aloe Vera Plant

After we went to the hospital or family doctor, the pain we suffer as well but doesn’t realize that there are different kinds of bad side effects to your body if we consume chemical medicine, especially in the long term.

Method with a chemical drug treatment, which is only geared to relieve the symptoms that occur, this method can also be symptomatic or we often called just reduce the temporary pain, and this treatment is preferred for acute diseases, rapid reaction. However this kind treatment as opposed of Aloe Vera plant is destructive means or can weaken the other organs on your body, and the side effects could be caused the stomach and liver irritation, kidney damage, resulting in blood fats.

This medical treatment is not recommended for a long­term. When you’re sick, the body is full of poison. By taking chemical drugs, your body will give more toxins, thus making the condition more difficult to cure.

Utilization of Aloe Vera Plant

After going through various kinds of research conducted by doctors and experts herbal plants, has found a lot of drugcontaining substances found in Aloe Vera plant and substances that are able to cure various diseases.

Aloe Vera substances include functioning as:

  • Antibiotic ­ substances that can slow down or kills the growth of bacteria
  • Antiseptic ­ substances to reduce of infection
  • Anticancer ­ substances which can reduces the occurrence of cancers
  • Antiviral ­ substances used for treating viral infections
  • Antifungal ­ substances used for treating fungal infections
  • Treating Atherosclerosis – substances which can treating artery wall thickens condition

Simple implementation use of this plant that so far people do may be just for simply things like use it to nourish the hair and cope with hair loss. But along with time and progress rapidly evolving science of Aloe Vera has been widely used in the field of health and beauty industry. It is characterized by the emergence of factories that produce medicines and beauty trademarks using this plant as the ingredients.

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