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canaryaloe-aloevera-nuestroaloeALOE VERA FROM FUERTEVENTURA

We have two organic cultivated fields of Aloe Vera and we are the oldest company with the biggest number of plants in Canary Islands.

One of the fields is in La Lajita (in the south of Fuerteventura) and the other cultivated field is located in Tiscamanita (in the centre of the island) close to our premises of manufacture of cosmetics, which are visited by more than 100,000 tourists every year. In Tiscamanita we have twenty-seven-year-old plants, which are the crown jewel as the plant maturity positively affects the quality and therefore improve the benefits of Aloe Vera. Nobody has plants in production as old as ours. With these precious Aloe Vera Barbadensis plants we are going to manufacture the “Premium line” of cosmetics, which will be marketing with the trademark CANARYALOE

All our crops are organic, we take care of the environment and we are responsible and environmental aware when working and managing it. That is why we reuse the water after washing the Aloe leaves, use dew drops to water, make compost with the organic remains of Aloe that are generated as sub-product in the production process, we apply practices in waste management, etc. Our Motto is:

“We take care of the environment because the environment takes care of us”

Our process of manufacture is “continuous”: once the leaves are harvested, they are taken to our premises where they are processed to prevent them from losing properties and from oxidizing. It is a cold process and is made in an aseptic clean room where environmental and hygienic conditions are under control. The result is the best product of fresh organic Aloe Vera that is on the market nowadays.

Years of work, research and care for the plants has enabled us to get an Aloe Vera with such quality that nobody has ever been able to get and with a acemanane[1] rate of 4.926 mg/Kg.[2]

  1. The acemanane is a mucilaginous polysaccharide that can be found in Aloe Vera gel, above all in the closest area of the leaf rind. Most of Aloe Vera properties are thanks to this active ingredient. The acemanane is a powerful cellular regenerator. It interacts with the immune system stimulating white blood cells, which destroy bacteria and tumours by producing immune agents such as interferon. It is beneficial for the digestive system, eliminates fungi, germs and bacteria and protects the spinal cord from the damaged produced by a very aggressive treatment such as that of HIV
  2. Tests made by Laboratorio Centro Atlántico del Medicamente, S.A. (CEAMED).  Dated on 14th January 2015. % Acemanane: 37,8%. Acemanane 4.926mg/Kg. The laboratory indicates “The sample AV-18 contains the highest level of acemanane seen in this laboratory so far. This laboratory is considered a worldwide reference in Aloe Vera tests.