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Aloe Vera International, S.A., known as AVISA, is the first Spanish company to grow and to manufacture, in its own premises, Aloe Vera extract and cosmetics whose main component is Aloe Vera.

We are located in the centre of Fuerteventura, in the Canary Islands, where the climate conditions and the soil are appropriate for this kind of crop.

We consider ourselves “Avant-garde artisans of Aloe Vera” as we have combined the traditional way of farming of our ancestors with the use of the latest technology in the crop management and in the manufacture of cosmetics and other Aloe products.

We are a dynamic environmentally and socially engaged familiar company. We have a lot of interests and we obviously support quality and cosmetic safety, as it is our daily main target. The longing for improving has made us apply the Good Manufacturing Practice System according the ISO 22716:2008 regulation.

In 2014 all the premises of the cosmetic factory were renovated and up-dated by creating the biggest clean room of Europe allocated to Aloe Vera leaf process.

Over the past few years we have also opted for Investigation and Development (I+D) and the obtained results have been applied to traditional products.