The ten commandments for buying good Aloe Vera

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The ten Commandments for buying good Aloe Vera

aloe vera1. FRESH ALOE VERA

In Aloe Vera we can find all the vitamins, amino acids, polysaccharides and elements that confer Aloe Vera its virtues. By freeze-drying it, it becomes dehydrated and turns into powder eliminating all its properties and turning it into DEAD ALOE VERA. 98 % of Aloe Vera products are made by lyophilisation.

produccion ecologica canarias2. ORGANIC ALOE VERA

The CRAE (Regulatory Council of Organic Farming) has certified that our Aloe Vera is organic since no pesticides or fertilisers are used.

aloe vera procesado en frio3. COLD PROCESSED ALOE VERA

The vitamins, the amino acids, the polysaccharides and the elements that give Aloe Vera its virtues are very volatile. By cold-processing it we manage to keep its curative properties.


The acemanane is the element that improves the quality of the product. It has to contain at least 100mg/Kg. Ask your supplier to show you their tests. The quantity of Aloe Vera in our product is the higher in the market as it has a 4.926 mg/Kg. (Tests made on 14th January 2015 by CEAMED, Aloe Vera Reference Laboratory).

aloe vera natural5. PURE AND NATURAL ALOE VERA

All our products are made with pure and natural Aloe Vera. The concentration level of Aloe Vera in our products is the highest in the market.

aloe vera km 06. KM 0 ALOE VERA

Our philosophy is keeping Aloe farming and manufacture close in order to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and the impact on the environment and on the climate change.

aloe vera no testado en animales7. NO ANIMAL TESTING ALOE VERA

Our products are never tested in animals. We collaborate to certify the highest quality and properties of the product, but never at the expense of animals.


It has been proven that the volcanic soil and the semi-desert climate of Fuerteventura improve Aloe properties and quality.

Aloe Vera sin parabenes ni aceites naturales9. ALOE VERA WITHOUT PARABENS OR MINERAL OILS

All our products are paraben-free, oil-free and mineral and synthetic preservative-free.

aloe vera ecologico10. ARTISAN AND AVANT-GARDE ALOE VERA

Our cultivated fields are grown in an artisan way but using the latest technology in crop management and organic farming. Our processes are at the avant-garde in modernity and cosmetic safety